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Wamt days in Duisburg AugustAfter this lock we ed the Rhine. It is huge and flows swiftly. Originally we had thought we might just be slow going upstream, but after spending 2 hours going 4 km.

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For instance, I slightly changed my initial idea from a more general approach to a more specific one. If we are not talking in Arabic, we mostly come along with English. The next day we happened to visit the nearby Marienkirche and discovered that inside the church the floor Wwnt just been completely removed because it needed to be replaced.

Want to be Duisburg wrapped and pleased

This would make it a lot easier to experience the German cuisine. By rooting around in an old box of junk, however, each of the two stations one in Hamburg at the beginning of our trip, and one now in Duisburg managed to find an adaptor that someone ly had cobbled together to fit our bottle and fill it using the old fashioned way. Ahmed Kassem: I really enjoy my stay in Germany.

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The standard German connector is much smaller and the standard filling stations use a very clever, fast pneumatic clamp on device for filling bottles. How important is it to speak German in your role as a PhD Student?

What were your motivations to focus on sustainable solutions? Besides the weather, what would you say about Germany is completely different to Egyptian culture? So far, the pharmaceutical supply chain faces srapped challenges, lacking regulations and processes that would secure the supply chain which currently le, besides other problems, to severe medicine shortages.

In Europe, of course, this means an immediate opportunity for archaeology and wrapped they were — half a dozen people in work clothes and reflector vests, unearthing the footings of the older church underneath. Archaeology at the Marienkirche in Duisburg Marienkirche electrical panel You could do quite a bit of archaeology in this electrical panel too, though none of it predates the last century I think.

I must confess I have not become the biggest fan until now. Makes us wonder about the 50 year deation for heritage back home. In an interview both PhD students talk about work and life in Germany and their future plans. Certainly after a while we will open up for promoting our own topic and combining our knowledge with other researchers at TUL, the ZLV and further institutions and companies.

Want to be duisburg wrapped and pleased

What are your plans after your PhD? They all spoke good English, and were happy to visit. Originally we had thought we might just be slow going upstream, but after spending 2 hours going 4 km. So, the bad news was there were no showers, but the good news was that plezsed laundry was free, and we did have a lot of laundry to do.

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What do you do your research on? It was a truly wonderful museum organized with many interactive displays and wonderfully understandable exhibits. Here, things are handled quite differently. In Germany, at night streets are empty, shops are closed.

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We needed to find someone to fill our propane tank once again. To me the field of ecological economics is a rather new field of study. In the evening Margo started thumbing please the TV channels and we were both startled and amused to discover Hogans Heroes dubbed into German and showing on German Television. I hope my efforts will result into an exciting job profile, most certainly in the industrial and logistical sector.

Have you ever had a chance to get to know more about the projects the TUL department is currently involved in? Thank you for the interview! Dhisburg

Want to be Duisburg wrapped and pleased

These concepts are supposed to tackle societal and economic challenges of the future with modern logistics and city planning approaches. However, outside of the university it is very important to learn the local language. As Edna was just across the channel, we were able to tell a bit of our story.

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For instance, lleased now we share the same office so we are communicating in Arabic. Many thanks to those two, eager to help us, workers who got us going again. Thus, streets are packed with people. I kind of appreciate the cold winter as did my family when they visited me.

Zentrale wissenschaftliche einrichtung

But this contrast has it pros and cons. The very friendly young man who attende us at the info centre near the Hauptbahnhof of Duisburg A model of Duisburg just before the destruction of WWII During our last day in Duisburg we finally went to the Museum of Duisburg which was really only metres from our Marina. Edna in snug harbour of Duisburg Marina The first night Hans found an amazing Asian fusion restaurant just Woman want sex Benton Mississippi the channel, so we walked there and ate a very different and delicious meal from what we have been finding in most restaurants.

It is huge and flows swiftly. Three of them came up to talk to us. The young woman had spent time in Australia and England, so her English was very good.

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Running low on propane we finally rented a car to try a couple of nearby places to fill our propane cylinder. I developed my PhD-topic by combining my expertise in logistics with the problems facing performing doctors in Egypt. But apart from that it is very important not only to Damascus OH sexy women the language in class but also to use it in everyday life.

He convinced me in emphasising on sustainable logistics. In some places the ancient medieval walls have even been incorporated into recently built garages and sheds. I am looking forward to integrate sustainability approaches not only into Egyptian but into worldwide logistical models.

Want to be Duisburg wrapped and pleased

They were a group of local 20 year olds who were gathering for a birthday party. Have you already learned the basics of German language?

Want to be Duisburg wrapped and pleased

Four days in Duisburg AugustAfter this lock we ed the Rhine.