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MM, oral, glory Adult Arcade - by Tinman - A horny young man just broken up with his girl friend he home after dinner at a Mexican floryhole, but stops off at an Adult Arcade to see how it works.

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MF, voy, glory Play Time - Ral Mary Thomas - A husband and wife have a weekly 'play time,' that escalates from private play, to making a video and 'leaving' it for someone to find.


And with that thought, she proceeded to slip three fingers into her pussy working them faster and faster. She was actually getting off when this big cock slid out of the hole in front of her. She stood there a moment and then started stroking him. He was coming inside of her and she let the world know how she loved it.

If only her husband didn't want to try something kinky and new that night, her life would still be normal.

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MF, oral, first Sex Shop - by Julieana - Sometimes called "Booth25" is a story about a young couple who go to a X-rated book story and stop in one of those "special" vedio booths. My wife was breathing so hard and fast. MM, oral, glory Adult Arcade - by Tinman - A horny young man just broken up with his girl friend he home after dinner at a Mexican cafe, but stops off at an Adult Arcade to see how it works.

I introduced Lori to gloryholes and she took right to it He stoties toward the hole and smiled. I finally worked up the nerve to enter the store, figuring the worst that could happen was that I'd be promptly kicked out.

Real gloryhole stories

Bernard - A high school kid's first experience cock sucking proves to be his natural talent and life calling. They didn't know it was her, and she didn't know our friends were "coming" either. Mary hoped Joseph would take it well. At first she was shocked and acted like she was ready to leave. MM, oral Gloryhole Afternoon - by Anonymous - Josh is an over-sexed young man, from a family of over-sexed men.

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Hmmm, what is HE up to? It didn't seem to phase her for one minute.

Real gloryhole stories

Amsden - A teenager boy finds out what gloryholes are all about. And then it was over.

Female or male, either one was fine with Will. And it didn't end there. He had his cock deep inside of her as she moved her hips back and forth. You left me wanting more". We walked out of the place forgetting to pay for her toy and padded cuffs.

MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, oral, anal, glory Adult Bookstore Gloryhole - by Anonymous Reap Let me tell you about my first experiences with glory holes. MF, intr, oral, glory Black Owned Couple - by Stephanie - The sissy husband learns how to become a gloryhole sex worker while his wife enjoys the attentions of her black lovers.

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She was moving herself back and forth over my cock. MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal, glory Glorious Glory Holes - by Golryhole - A guy gets used to frequenting the glory hole scene.

Real gloryhole stories

I took her into one of the single rooms off to the side and then the fun began. Ff, Fm, oral, ped Tranny's Night Out - by Graham F Cutler - We follow what happens storirs a petite bi guy that dresses as a tranny, is regularly fucked by his neighbour.

Real gloryhole stories

Parked in front of the place and walked over to open the door for her, I reached down and pulled her panties off, she turned to exit and gooryhole I hit her with some great clit rubbing. He has tested this devotion, by making me service complete strangers in unlikely places.

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His taste was to run astray, his hunger not only included oral se and anal sex, but golden showers and even scat. And her fucking little snot of a daughter too!

As we drove toward home on the interstate, I leaned against Jack and said that I couldn't wait to get home. MMF, swingers, cum eater School Gloryhole - by Anon - A guy loses his virginity to a gloryhole in the boy's restroom at school.

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The shock and the excitement. She jumped up and said "well wait for me, I want to go". She just sat there with her legs wide open and was actually glorynole off. She leaned forward with her hands on the wall as I started playing with her pussy from behind her. He finds the perfect one at an ABS and has an unforgettable day!

I lowered my jeans and pushed my large hard on between her legs. It works for him okay, becuase he encounters a young beauty who does him a very big favor.

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She didn't mean to get into trouble; it just seemed to happen to her. There were a few chairs scattered about but on one side of the room stood a glass box; seven feet tall and a yard square at the base.

My plans were to meet a fuck-buddy so she and I could experiment anal dtories. He could never seem to get enough sex. Instead they spend the day on their knees and have the best day of their lives. MF, exh, voy, reluc, oral, ghole Part 2 - Part 3 Just a Girl from Iowa - by Cynthia Candle - A cautionary story about a girl sories a small town in Iowa goes away to college in a big city.

Real gloryhole stories