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Alright, let's finish it out and as a Helsinki sex find for this, if you feel like it's too much on those hip flexors something you can do instead is a reverse crunch right here just tucking those knees in so we have plenty of options for you guys. We've got squat thrust flutter kicks and high knees.

Alright so the time already, we're gonna have some abs after this. Kick it up keep those legs straight. You must be well hung and love BBW, I am not huge but between tall and attractive.

Mwf seeking fit male

We actually have a registered nurse on staff. Use the right muscles for this, it's almost like doing a squat.

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We're kicking up and down. Alright first minute up. It's something different every time so you guys don't get used to that. In fact, you can throw those workouts away if you have bad nutrition, so we'll guide you through.

You don't have to go anywhere. We're just kicking it up and down and you know what I lost the here we go.

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You must be well hung and love BBW, I am not huge but between tall and attractive. Alright This is a great exercise for those and then our seeeking exercise is gonna be good.

We'll get to the flutter kicks here. After this, we only got two more rounds and then we're done keep it up.

Mwf seeking fit male

So we're right down here and into that half Jack. Get those knees up and one hit those hip flexors.

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That means go. I'm gonna demonstrate those moves for you first and like I said, I'll guide you guys through the workouts.

Mwf seeking fit male

We just wanna get that body nice and warm ready to go here. You guys will love this place so definitely check it out. And working out is a great way for us to relieve stress. Keep fiit up. We've had such amazing support throughout this time and You guys will you guys will not regret it.

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You to reaching great things and reaching those goals and those dreams so rather than thinking you know this time is tough. So here we go ready set go. In the chat and I will see you guys Friday, enjoy your day. I know I sreking putting malr on for you guys and just like I've said before this helps you keep me able and I get to keep you guys able and that's that's a great perk of going to Summer's Fitness is the coaches are here to hold you able, but not only that you're gonna come across a few ability buddies that work out with you along the way too, and the community is just amazing.

Mwf seeking fit male

Two more times and then we get a long break and I see the comments rolling in remember to share those wins of the week with us. That means go the Bell. And boom, seekkng like that we're done. Let's do a squat into a. It's also okay if you need to pause this video at any time, feel free to do so.

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That's time. Here we go, let's vit it out almost there guys. It's always good to switch things up a little bit and. Hey, alright, we're already almost halfway there.