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Courtesy of Seaworld Florida. Ostrich and Giraffe. Wild friendships are beautiful things. Especially unlikely comrades. They are unusual, but there is good reason why some animals value affection over hostility, despite their hard-wired genetics.

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Yet somehow, animals manage to sometimes get their messages across -- how they can help each other resist other predators, comfort each other, and make life easier for each other. How it had happened, how she found out, and how she was feeling. Sometimes, these unlikely friendships form when the two animals are living together in captivity -- in a zoo or a shelter, for example, like the giraffe and ostrich at Busch Gardens pictured above.

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They can find symbioses. Just ordinary, everyday, broken people. Courtesy of Seaworld Florida. Somehow, some animals can adapt to be able to communicate with -- and, even more importantly -- trust other species. With me, like many others, she was cold and impersonal, even rude at times.

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I was taken aback that she was opening up to me, but it was clear she was desperate for someone to talk friedn, someone who would listen to her and help her to get her head round this huge change. I was working with her on something a few days later when suddenly she started speaking to me about the break up. Cheetah and Labrador.

A friend in needs a indeed but

As with all relationships, there needs to be coordination and communication between the parties. It is even more surprising when natural born enemies become best friends, and when odd species pairings prove to be perfect partnerships.

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Photo: by Andre Costa. Dog and Horse. An animal friend in need is an animal friend indeed. Photo: Courtesy of Imgur. Photo: by Torgeir Berge. It could be that they help each other survive and thrive, or it could be for companionship -- or even love and affection. PT on These friendships are beautifully captured through astonishing vivid photographs taken in a vriend range countries around the world.

Photographer Evan Schiller caught the start of a beautiful friendship between a lioness and a baby baboon.

Photo: by Raja Sambasivan. Horse and Dalmatian.

Giraffe and Zebra. Understandably, this was very upsetting and we all felt for her.

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Cat and Peacock. Animals form friendships for many of the same reasons we do, which all have to do btu some form of mutual benefit.

All the issues that she had griend sort out — their house, his belongings, her thoughts, her future. Check them out playing in this video.

A friend in need, as a friend indeed..

Wild friendships are beautiful things. Photo: by Isobel Springett.

A friend in needs a indeed but

Photo: by Evan Schiller. I like to think it was God creating an opportunity for me to support and, dare I say, love her.

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But then, instead of making an easy snack out of the baby, the lioness gently carried the baby in its mouth to a safe place and tried to nurse it for over 2 hours. Lioness and Baby Baboon. Cat and Owl. When we finished talking ih I went back to my desk, I wondered why she had spoken to me.

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They are unusual, but there is good reason why some animals value affection over hostility, despite their hard-wired genetics. If you are reading this after that date, check out the current BN Creative Competitionand enter! Especially unlikely comrades.

A friend in needs a indeed but

Kate and Pippin. Wheat Horses. It turns out there are scientific explanations for these phenomena too.

A friend in needs a indeed but

Is friendship more important than food? Perhaps I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Christ has placed us in our individual workplaces to bt his ambassadors to the people around us. A couple of months ago, she ended a year relationship after finding that her partner had been cheating on her. We chatted for about 30 minutes; or rather I listened and offered sympathy where I could.