What is a voucher in accounting

what is a voucher in accounting

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To edit the newly created voucher type go to Gateway of Tally Accounting info Voucher Types Alter Make necessary changes and save.
Now Lets see the pre-defined voucher types in tally, To get the Predefined Voucher type, Go to; Gateway of Tally Accounts Info Voucher Types Display.
Reports can be printed either in customers currency or your base currency.
Here are the examples of voucher types in tally, See the below images for more clarity on the subject.This is the one situation we require a new voucher type.All reports can email or fax directly.The system can handle the project account.

Historical Unpaid Bills, user can key in the Past unpaid bill from customer and supplier.
Inventory Voucher Type:- For entering Inventory data, like stock journal, Material In, rejection out etc.
Multiple User ID with individual menu format.
Multi Company Security Today professional businessman needs advent security to protect user valuable e system should able to assign job e system should able to track who delete, enter, change the transaction.
How to Edit the Voucher Type?The vendor invoice lists the quantities of items, brief descriptions, prices, total amount due, credit terms, where to remit payment, etc.This can eliminates the unnecessary to export data to another discount code for battlefield 4 ps3 program in order to produce reports.The voucher acts as a cover page to which the following will be attached: vendor invoice, companys purchase order, companys receiving report, and other information needed to process the vendor invoice for payment.Press Enter and save.Here we are creating the new voucher type as Sales.5.How to create Voucher Type?