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Categorical Plan A method of selecting and evaluating suppliers that considers input from many departments and functions within the buyers organization and systematically categorizes that input.
Container Pool A certain stock of containers which is jointly used by several container carriers and/or leasing companies.
Virtual distributors and content aggregators often provide this service to buyers.Certificate of Classification A certificate, issued by the classification kortingsbonnen ns kruidvat society and stating the class under which a vessel is registered.Catamaran A double or treble-hulled vessel constructed in wood, aluminum or reinforced glass fibre and is also composed of two or three hulls diagonally joined together by various methods.Capacity Control, process of registering telfort vaste klanten korting and steering of capacity.Codifying The process of detailing a new standard.Central Dispatching The organization of the dispatching function into one central location. .Cube Utilization In warehousing, a measurement of the utilization of the total storage capacity of a vehicle or warehouse.Connecting Carrier A carrier who has a direct connection with another carrier, under which people or freight are moved in joint-line service.It includes the reporting of costs by departments, activities, and products.In each of these applications, capacity is defined in a hierarchy of idle, non-productive, and productive views.

Dollar against foreign currencies.
Critical value analysis A modified ABC analysis in which a subjective value of criticalness is assigned to each item in the inventory.
2) The party to whom goods are shipped and delivered.
Cartel A group of companies that agree to cooperate, rather than compete, in producing a product or service, thus limiting or regulating competition.Some offers may be valid for specific order values, multiple purchases or bundle deals.International customers can benefit from not paying UK VAT if we are shipping outside of the.Container Safety Convention International convention for safe containers.Cost promotional code easyjet april 2018 of Goods Sold (cogs) The amount of direct materials, direct labor, and allocated overhead associated with products sold during a given period of time, determined in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (gaap) Cost of lost sales The forgone profit associated with a stockout.When followed, these key practices improve the ability of organizations to meet goals for cost, schedule, functionality and product quality.Cargo Tracer A document sent by the agent to all relevant parties, stating that certain cargo is either missing or overlanded.Edwards Deming: improve quality, decrease costs, improve productivity, increase market with better quality and lower price, stay in business, provide jobs and provide more jobs.