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#019 Wright Military Flyer (USA, 1910) Image Challenge An August 1910 modified version of the first military heavier-than-air flying machine.#091 Saulnier monoplane (France, 1910) Image Challenge Raymond Saulnier did design work on the Blériot viii and XI (the famous Channel machine).#025 Reißner Ente (Wellblech Ente) (Germany, 1912) Image Challenge First flew 23 May, 1912, in second form after having been rebuilt (in the third form, it got four fins under the mainplane).#024 Bulot Triplane (Belgium, 1909) Image Challenge Machine designed by Belgian Walther Bulot and entered at the "Semaine de l'Aviation" in Tournai (Sept.#016 Oenáek Monoplane (Austria-Hungary Czech Republic, 1910) Image Challenge Built by the Bohemian pioneer Ludvík Oenáek (1872-1949) in 1910.#003 Dorner Eindecker (Germany, 1911) Image Challenge The Dorner monoplane was a well-known sight around Johannistahl.

#054 Frassinetti Monoplane (Italy, 1912) Image Challenge Designed by Colonello Romeo Frassinetti, who was already active in ballooning during 190005.
#109 Campbell Air Ship (USA, 1889) Image Challenge Powered by an Edison electric motor, its 18,000.
#039 DSL "São Paulo" Monoplane.
#004 Sellers Quadruplane (USA, ) Image Challenge Built and flown by Matthew.#104 Burattini's Flying Dragon (Poland, ) Image Challenge The Flying Dragon, or "Dragon Volant designed by Tito Livio Burattini, win gratis een auto an Italian in the service of the Polish King Wadysaw IV during 17th century.#110 Rossel-Peugeot Monoplane (France, 1910) Image Challenge Frédéric Rossel, while already working for Peugeot a few years, and with car sales figures depressed at this time, turned his interests to aviation and convinced the Peugeot Brothers to form the "Société Anonyme des constructions aériennes Rossel-Peugeot".#057 Cody II (UK, 1910) Image Challenge The Michelin Cup machine in which he flew 4 3/4 hours on December 31, 1910 to win the trophy.#074 Siemens Bourcart Biplane (Germany, 1910) Image Challenge A 5-seater Siemens-Schuckert Werke biplane designed by Max Bourcart with a combination steel tubing and wood construction, powered by a 50 hp Argus engine, and chain-driven to the two propellers.#093 Wiseman biplane (USA, ) Image Challenge Also known as Wiseman-Cooke biplane from 1910/1911, a pusher that combined the designs of Wright, Farman and Curtiss.#047 Schneider.1 Biplane (USA, 1908) Image Challenge Shown at an exhibition at Morris Park called by the Aeronautic Society of New York at the end of 1908, where Frederick Schneider tested the biplane of.#114 Bland "Mayfly" (Northern Ireland, 1910) Image Challenge First "Mayfly" of Lilian Bland tested as a glider in the area of Belfast, Northern Ireland, probably during February 1910.

#098 Faccioli.3 (Italy, 1909) Image Challenge 1909 SPA-Faccioli biplane, powered by a 20 hp Faccioli engine.