Monique de kort tilburg

In 2008, the refurbished Pieter Vreedeplein was opened to the public, addressing a locak clarification needed of shopping facilities as compared to similar-sized cities in the Netherlands.
Contents, history edit, little is known about the beginnings of Tilburg.
In the 14th century, Tilburg was proclaimed a manor ; together with Goirle, it acquired the title of "The Manor of Tilburg and Goirle".Old herd places include Korvel, Broekhoven and Oerle.Tilburg has an ice skating rink, including the 400 m speed skating rink Ireen Wüst IJsbaan.The northernmost part of the district is still agricultural with some forests.Intercity trains only stop at Tilburg (centraal).Netherlands, in the southern province.Present-day Tilburg industry consists of a wide variety of enterprises.

The Westpoint Tower has an altitude of 143.1 metres (469.5 feet) and was the tallest residential tower in The Netherlands bioscoopcadeau nl geldigheid until the Montevideo in Rotterdam surpassed.
Beverages edit Schrobbelèr is a local liqueur.
The Donge runs through the district, including greenspace with some Highland cattle grazing between the fences protecting the surrounding neighbourhoods.
Sports edit The local football team is Willem II, named in remembrance of King William.Tilburg-zuid has 14,836 korte sportsokken inhabitants.9 A part of the empty area was used to build the system of the inner Cityring.32 Culture and recreation edit Tilburg is a pilot city betclic promotional code of the Council of Europe and the EU Intercultural cities programme.It has a student population of about 13,000 students, about 8 per cent of whom are international students.Iris Ohyama has its European offices in Tilburg.In 1803, Goirle was separated from Tilburg and on, Tilburg was granted city status.Gesworenhoekseweg 1 5047 TM Tilburg The Netherlands." - "West-Brabant Logistieke Hotspot.(in Dutch) Hein Eikenaar "Spoor Tilburg-Breda dicht voor aanleg tunnelbak Archived t the Wayback Machine.