Lego star wars prijsvraag

lego star wars prijsvraag

Go out with madurodam korting c1000 goo 'aoì vi uitgaan met sortir avec I really want to go out with her.
Club Ilnb club le club The club is open until late.
Polish (n.) (language) 'pli Pools le polonais (langue) He speaks Polish and Russian.
Keyboards 'Ii:bo:dz keyboard les claviers My sister plays keyboards in a band.Queen Ivi:n koningin la reine Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for many years.Grandson 'grænsnn kleinzoon le petit-fils We had a surprise visit from our grandson.12 Page 73 birthday 'b:Odci verjaardag l'anniversaire When's your birthday?Pron.) prepaid voucher card viì welk (le)quel, (la)quelle, (les)quels, (les)quelles Which book is yours?12 Page 96 accent oI'scnì accent l'accent She speaks English with a strong French accent.English (n.) (language) 'ingli Engels l'anglais English is an easy language.Light-bulb laiì bnlb gloeilamp l'ampoule Can you ikea korting matrassen change the light-bulb?Pleasure 'plcjo plezier le plaisir It's my pleasure.Summer 'snmo zomer l'été Are you going away this summer?Culture Flash 3 - Free Time in the UK Page 90 clubbing 'Ilnbin stappen aller en boîte/en discothèque She goes clubbing most weekends.

Dinner 'dino avondeten le dîner What's for dinner?
Daily activities 'dcili æI'ìiviìi:z dagelijkse dingen les activités"diennes The manager told us about the daily activities.
Music 'mu:ziI muziek la musique I don't like pop music.
Page 16 of 34 Pearson Education Limited Photocopiable there is/ there are,co'riz co'r o: er is/er zijn il y a There is a nice picture of you here.
Seventieth 'scvnìioO zeventigste septentième/soixante-dixième She retired on her seventieth birthday eightieth 'ciìioO tachtigste quatre-vingtième His eightieth birthday was his last.Go goo gaan aller Should I stay or go?Your o uw, jouw ton, ta, tes, votre, vos Is that your mother?Friday 'fraidi vrijdag vendredi See you on Friday!Viewer 'vu:o kijker le (télé)spectateur/la (télé)spectatrice The series is watched by millions of viewers.Dangerous 'dcindjoros gevaarlijk dangereux/dangereuse It's dangerous to walk alone at night around here.Page 26 of 34 Pearson Education Limited Photocopiable writer 'raiìo schrijver l'écrivain, l'écrivaine He is a writer of thrillers.Under (prep.) 'nndo onder sous Wendy hid the box under her bed.Hear - heard hio/h:d horen - hoorde entendre - avoir entendu Have you heard the news?Climate 'Ilaimoì klimaat le climat The climate in the Maldives is hot and sunny.

16 Page 24 football fans 'foìbo:l voetbalsupporters les supporters de football The football fans sang loudly.