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While Captain Chavez wasn't thrilled with Elisa's six month absence, it put Elisa in the perfect position to infiltrate Tomas Brod 's gang under the alias, Salli and end a turf war between Brod and Dracon.
Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa with her own gun, then brings her to Manhattan General Hospital, where.
( "The Reckoning" ) August 2-3.
Realizing that Angela is Goliath's daughter, she asks him about it, but he divulges that gargoyle children belong to the whole clan.( "Reunion" ) July.Though she doesn't live with them, she is considered a member of the Manhattan Clan, both by herself and by the gargoyles.awakening when it became too dangerous for tomtom voucher live services the gargoyles to continue living in the castle, Elisa managed to persuade them (although not without some difficulty) to relocate to the Clock Tower, where they would be safer and where she could check up on them regularly.Arrives at the clocktower just before sunrise and is just in time to save Angela's life with CPR.She's down to earth and skeptical of certain things before she sees them with her own eyes, despite all the strange happenings that have occurred in her life.Regains consciousness just before dawn.Temporarily assigned to dayshift and partnered with the hunter Jason Canmore posing as Detective Jason Conover."Kidnapped" by Goliath who attempts to explain the truth to her.A stand-out moment of her quick thinking occurred when Broadway turned to stone when caught in midair at sunrise while fighting the robot double of Macbeth.The company's revenue for 2007 was about.57 billion.( "The Rock" ) Future Goliath and Elisa.

Leaves Avalon on a skiff with Goliath, Angela, and Bronx.
A fight breaks out between the clones and Manhattan clan.
She later saves Goliath, Angela, and Bronx from Nokkar, acting upon instincts of loyalty to her friends.
( "Metamorphosis" ) September.
She helped convince Natsilane to take on his responsibilities as chieftain of Queen Florence Island and to battle Raven.Demona breaks into Elisa's apartment and unsuccessfully attempts to poison her in order to set a trap for Goliath.Goes with the gargoyles to confront the mutates at Castle Wyvern, and she quickly realizes that one of them is Derek, who has dubbed himself Talon.She tells Goliath to take Delilah to Xanatos's masque later that evening, while she brings Morgan.( "Mark of the Panther" ) May 19-20.She breaks up with Goliath, telling him she needs balance and normalcy in her life.While Elisa told Matt Bluestone plenty about the odyssey, she did not share everything with him (in particular, their time on New Olympus).