Korte reguliersdwarsstraat 14

korte reguliersdwarsstraat 14

Zrenovován v roce: 2011. .
The selection is full of food and drink souvenirs and perfect picnic fare to take onto the kortingscode belsimpel nl square itself; a recent favorite find of mine is the all-natural John Altman mini cookies, with sophisticated flavor pairs like sour cherry and chocolate.
Specialty Food Market on Rembrandtplein Self-caterers can discover locally produced food specialties at Marqt (Utrechtsestraat 17) - pronounced "marked" - an upscale Dutch supermarket chain, whose 1000m2 space on the Rembrandtplein is a wonderland of locally sourced products and other special finds.
Poet pokoj: .Poet pater: .Escape offers multiple spaces, each with its own purpose and atmosphere, from the classic Escape Venue where clubbers move to dance and house hits to their dedicated cafe space, where revelers can come for a pre-party meal.The restaurant takes its mouthful of a name which resembles the Dutch word smullen, "to feast" - from a Polish actor who once owned a theater in the vicinity.Club Rain has a similar set-up in its downstairs bar and dancefloor and upstairs restaurant, but while the music and cocktails receive rave reviews, the dinner experience leaves much to be desired.Its eclectic architecture a harmony of Amsterdam School, Art discount coupons forever 21 online Deco and Art Nouveau and plush interior has made it the most majestic cinema in the Netherlands, with an ambiance closer to a venerable old opera house than the local movie theater.Zaloen roku 1900, hotel proel kompletní renovací v roce 2011.One of Rembrandtplein's most notable claims to fame is its fashionable clubs, such.Centrum msta je vzdáleno 1 kilometr.

Koupelnové vybavení obsahuje fénem, toaletními potebami zdarma a runíky a vana a sprcha.
Set back from the bustle of Rembrandtplein proper, Szmulewicz (Bakkersstraat 12) looks out onto the crowds from a plain but typically Dutch facade, marked with a snazzy typeface.
The storied Rembrandtplein, or Rembrandt Square, is one of the most famous squares in Amsterdam, with so much to recommend it to visitors.
Bangkok (Reguliersdwarsstraat 117 as the second Thai restaurant to open in Amsterdam, has served central Thai dishes to tourists and locals for over a quarter-century.Bars on Rembrandtplein, cafe Schiller (Rembrandtplein 24-a) is a "brown cafe" in the truest sense, where time seems to stand still for the literati that strew its Art Deco interior.But the square also has its share of more intimate, unpretentious spots for a variety of tastes.As manufacturers of the popular Dutch snack kroketten (croquettes both Van Dobben and Kwekkeboom are household names in the Netherlands, and both have lunchrooms just off Rembrandtplein.Even so, the square and its environs are full of delicious eats.