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Click the gear icon on your title's thumbnail to korte geuzenstraat 611 head to its Vimeo On Demand Settings, select the Promotions tab, then click Add a new promo code.
This option is great for theaters with reserved seating allowing patrons to choose not only which show works with their schedule as the dates near, but also the ability to pick their own seat.
Assign all events that the coupon will be valid for throughout the season.As each production becomes available for purchase, your patrons will need to go to the site, choose their desired date, time and their preferred seats.Even if a coupon set has been linked to the main coupon, you can still apply the main coupon to subscriptions. Please note: this code name is not what viewers will use to redeem their VIP access code they must use a unique code from the.csv file that you can download once you create your code.Depending on just how popular your coupon is, that list could contain thousands of coupon codes which can overwhelm a small office staff.You specify the number of times the coupon can be redeemed and how you want it applied to each individual ticket order.All the coupon codes in a coupon set will have the same behavior as the main coupon they're linked.

ThunderTix makes the redemption process hands-off with an easy import of all the codes right from the spreadsheet/file received.
If you want to create a VIP access code while your title is in pre-order, you must have a main feature added to your Vimeo On Demand (if youre selling a series, you must add at least one episode).
When youre all done, click Create promo code to save your code.
Unused codes may be edited or deleted.
Depending on the options you make available to your guests, you may allow your patrons to use their memberships for every show or for a limited number of shows, like a Pick 4 Pass.Increasing your venues advanced ticket sales can be done by advertising your promo codes in various media outlets such as radio, newspaper, and social networks then measure the effectiveness of those advertising channels by redemptions.Coupon codes in the file should be unique.Sell Flex Pass Subscriptions, create the flexibility for your subscribers to pick and choose their event dates at their leisure.Once a code has been used, it can be disabled but not deleted.For each code you create, you can specify the type of access you want to grant, regardless of the actual purchase options you offer for your title.

For type, select batch, and enter a batch name for your promo code.