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#110 Rossel-Peugeot Monoplane (France, 1910) Image Challenge Frédéric Rossel, while already working for Peugeot a few years, and with car sales figures depressed at this time, turned his interests to aviation and convinced the Peugeot Brothers to form the "Société Anonyme des constructions aériennes Rossel-Peugeot".
#115 Gonzales.1 Tractor Biplane (USA, ) Image Challenge Built by brothers Willy and Arthur Gonzales during the period 19, this biplane was built in the backyard of their home and flew successfully in the San Francisco Bay area.
#065 Miller Monoplano model 1910 (Italy, 1910) Image Challenge The third and final aeroplane designed and constructed by Franz Miller of Turin, Italy.#060 Peck "Columbia" Biplane (USA, 1910) Image Challenge A machine designed by Colonel Paul Peck, fitted with a seven-cylinder air-cooled rotary rated at 50 hp at 1500 rpm, built by the Gyro Motor Company (Washington sponsored by and designed under flamingo land discount vouchers 2018 2 for 1 the direction of Emile Berliner.#039 DSL "São Paulo" Monoplane.#095 Gammeter "Orthopter" (USA, 1907) Image Challenge Patented creation of Aero Club of Cleveland president Harry Gammeter, a twin float-equipped ornithopter with bamboo-and-silk flapping wings, double-hinged to the fuselage, flapping at 75 strokes per minute, driven by a 7 hp Curtiss engine.#018 Albatros-Pietschker Renndoppeldecker (Germany, 1911) Image Challenge Albatros SZ 1 sport biplane with 70 hp Gnôme, built for Alfred Pietschker in 1911.#122 Dinelli Aereoplano Glider.#106 Dittisham Aerostat (UK, 1894) Image Challenge Designed and built by the Swiss engineer Albert Liwentaal while he was living in Devon, England.#091 Saulnier monoplane (France, 1910) Image Challenge Raymond Saulnier did design work on the Blériot viii and XI (the famous Channel machine).#061 DFW Stahltaube (Germany, 1913) Image Challenge Licence built version of the Jeannin Stahltaube, 1913.#041 Wildeblood kort en lang been Triplane (India, 1911) Image Challenge Of 46 foot span and fitted with a 35 hp JAP radial motor, this triplane was designed by Henry Seddon Wildeblood and built by the Upper India Motor Company of Lucknow, India, in August 1911.