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Beyond the options for loading Bluebird, detailed above, Serve can also be loaded at a number of stores besides Walmart, and can be loaded with other reload cards in addition to Vanilla Reloads: Money-Pak and ReloadIt.500 gift cards typically cost.95.95 when purchased in-store (1.19) Technique brief summary : Buy gift card with credit card, use as debit card to pay bills, buy money orders, reload prepaid cards, etc.Technique brief summary : Use credit card to make micro-loans.And we mean everything!When buying flights with reward points, most schemes only cover the cost of the flight and any taxes and airport fees need to be paid separately.On this page the Frequent Miler team keeps track of what works and what does not.As long as they offer a 2 fee, this service has an obvious edge over Plastiq and Rentler (both of which charge.5) Pay Rent with Urbanr Health Assessment: Healthy and easy Cost :.5 credit card Tecnique brief summary : Pay rent via credit.Make sure you get the best value for money and use points on long haul flights where the benefits are worth.Most major car rental companies charge these fees in locations like the above, some build it into the daily rate, others like Hertz show it as a seperate charge so that the consumer can see it is an airport tax or local authority tax rather.Premium economy / executive class.then one option is to pay those bills with the Plastiq bill payment service.You may incur additional costs to liquidate (when buying money orders, for example).

For details on what works today with this process, see below: Walmart Kiosks, Walmart, and Visa/MasterCard Gift Cards.
Manufactured spending techniques are perfectly legal, but the same techniques are often used by criminals to launder money or to convert stolen credit card numbers into cash.
I dont see any advantages of this service over Plastiq, but it seemed worth listing.Another option is to buy Visa or MasterCard gift cards and then use those as debit cards in-store at Walmart to reload Bluebird or Serve.If there's no banana republic promo code 40 off spare space in your current area, they may move you up a class.A friendly, relaxed demeanour is more likely to get you an upgrade in the rare event that check-in staff have the power to give one.Updates: Current State Details: Number of cards: An individual can now have up to 5 different Amex Serve accounts.

Rite Aid stops selling 500 Visa gift cards The Drop App ( which we previously mentioned here ) has added terms to exclude points being earned on manufactured spend.
For an overview of manufacturing spend through reselling, please see: Increasing Spend through Reselling.
Ability to reload: Only for those whos account has not been frozen.