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30 31 In spite of capital investment and improvements in efficiency, neither had been profitable for almost 10 years.
7 In 1925, Spedan Lewis devised the slogan 'never knowingly undersold' at Peter Jones.Although he carried a wide range of merchandise, he didnt bother much about displaying it, and never advertised.13 Above all these is the Partnership Council, to which the Partners elect at least 80 per cent of the 82 representatives, while the chairman appoints the remaining.14 For years, it has had a quaint rule kwantum rolgordijnen korting that only the chairman can write in green ink.9 1940s, WW2 edit The biggest acquisition came in 1940, when the John Lewis Partnership paid 30,000 for Selfridge Provincial Stores Limited, which owned 16 shops: Blinkhorn Son in Gloucester and Stroud, Buckleys in Harrogate, ull in Reading, Bon Marché in Brixton, Caleys in Windsor.This gave Spedan Lewis complete control, and he decided that the underlying problem was that the staff had no incentive to do a good day's work, because their own interests were not in line with those of the business.

Then, in March 2006, Waitrose announced the purchase of five shops from Somerfield, with the first two shops in Scotland, both of which are in the capital, Edinburgh.
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Spedan asked his son, Edward Lewis, if he would fill the role but he declined.Each John Lewis branch used to have its own weekly magazine, called The Chronicle, while Waitrose had a division-wide Chronicle magazine.In 1919, he instituted a staff council, the first decision of which was that staff should be paid weekly instead of four-weekly.(Please refer to your service provider for call charges.).10 Spedan Lewis also retained for himself the right to choose his successor when he retired on his 70th birthday in 1955.

After Westminster School, both sons joined Lewis in the business, and he gave each of them a quarter share of it on their twenty-first birthdays.
In 1916, after a disagreement with his father, Spedan Lewis exchanged his 25 per cent interest in the Oxford Street business for Lewis 's shares in Peter Jones Limited.
7 Spedan Lewis 's radical idea was that the profits generated by business should not be paid solely to shareholders as a reward for their capital.