Animal jam promo codes for diamonds

Check back because I will update this list with new codes when they come out.
Animal Jam Codes List Updated for June 2018.
Diamond codes may be another way for mean jammers to take control of your account, so be sure to only accept these codes as gifts from family members or real-life friends.
Ill try to keep this list of codes updated as they expire and new ones come out.
I try to find the latest Animal Jam codes and keep this list fresh but I can always use some help from other bioscoop cadeaukaart verlopen Jammers Dont be afraid to comment below and let me know about any new codes for gems or anything else! This list will be updated regularly for the newest codes for 2018. The codes are good for however many gems it says on the list. Increase the size of your Animal Jam bank account with these codes.How to Use Animal Jam Codes Check out the instructions below for a guide on how to enter Animal Jam codes.Once you restaurants gift cards with bonus login, a gift box will appear with your promo code gift.Sadly giving away diamond codes is against Animal Jam's policy, and without express permission from ajhq we can't give away diamond codes on the Animal Jam Archives.Click login and check I havode TO enter Fill in your username, password and enter the promo code from list below in code box, then click play For free Gems and free Diamonds youll see them on top of main page, added to your total.

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Be sure to notice the difference, so you know what to expect.
If you know any new animal jam codes that I havent mentioned, please comment and Ill put them on the list of unexpired codes!
Option 2: Enter an Animal Jam Code While Youre Playing If you want to enter a code while you are playing the game, just follow these instructions.
If you know any new working codes please post them in the comments!Below is the most recently updated list of codes available on Animal Jam in 2018!Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe environment for kids to play online, while inspiring them to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors.Create your animal, name it and start playing for free! Some codes have to be typed exactly as they are spelled so make sure you use caps lock if they are in capital letters.

August 2017 Update wOW 31 more codes added now!
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