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The voucher system also provides an audit trail for auditors when conducting external as well as internal audits.
Delivery Note Description Records delivery of new stock to customers Details recorded Reference, ledger account, suppliers (if supplementary details are set to yes in F12: Delivery Note Configuration) then, name and address, Order dispatch details, jabong coupon code offer name of stock item, Tracking details, Order details, Godown, Quantity.The different pure inventory vouchers are: Rejections Out (AltF6) Rejections In (CtrlF6) Stock Journal (AltF7) Delivery Note (AltF8) Receipt Note (AltF9) Physical Stock (AltF10) Setup : To enable Delivery Note and Receipt Note, set Yes to Use Tracking Numbers and Use Rejection Notes in F11.The software has developed such a way that a non commerce students and professional can use.Such entries can be entered in a stock journal voucher.Unpaid vouchers are then filed in the unpaid vouchers file with the supporting documents.Yes or No Yes Voucher 6 Current date Voucher type Alt F10: Physical stock Name of item CD ROM Disks office deport coupon code 100s Godown On-site Quantity 3 Box Narration Stock check adjustment Accept?A voucher is produced usually after receiving a vendor invoice, after the invoice is successfully matched to a purchase order.The entry made appears as shown below: Figure.9 Purchase Voucher Press Y or Enter to accept the screen.The total of unpaid vouchers in the unpaid vouchers file actually represents the balance of vouchers payable or accounts payable in your balance sheet.5.1.7 Purchase Voucher (F9) A company buys computer parts on credit.

Voucher Entry in P 9 106.2.5 Stock Journal To record the consumption of goods there is no need for entries on both sides of the voucher.
Voucher Entry in P 9 84 Receipt Voucher (F6) Journal Voucher (F7) Sales Voucher /Invoice (F8) Credit Note Voucher (ctrl F8) Purchase Voucher (F9) Debit Note Voucher (ctrl F9) Reversing Journals (F10) Memo voucher (ctrl F10) You can alter these vouchers to suit your company.
Yes or No Yes Ensure that in the F12: Payment Configuration, Use Single Entry mode for Pymt/Rcpt/Contra is set.
F5: Payment Bank Payment Dr - Wages Cr - Bank Account 600.00 600.Details recorded Customer's Ledger account, Name and address, Order details, name of stock item, Due on, Godown, Quantity, Rate, Amount, Narration.Enter the following to record the sale of two nos of USB Pen Drives 64 MB to Supreme Comput- ers.Providers customarily require this voucher be presented prior to providing the service.Expecting a cheque number to be entered.This is useful for entering transactions that take place on a regular basis.5.2.13 Entering Inventory Details in Accounting Vouchers Assume that the inventories have to be updated at the same time as entering the accounting vouchers.The new entry in this example is for the discount earned account.Voucher Entry in P 9 91 Use a Sales Voucher for making this entry.Create the following Accounting Vouchers with Inventory details.

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 For example traveling expense, Rent, staff welfare expense, loading and unloading expense, clearing expense and many more.
Voucher Type: Sales.