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' CPS Release of Data on 299 could get them a 500,000 fine?' Conspiracy, Deceit and Conflict of Interest by Lawyers' This amazing case concerns the involvement of six lawyers, two firms and the Law Society, all playing their part in a cover-up that left one woman angry and disappointed in the legal profession - and why.' C A keeps on bringing charges against Barrister ' barrister jonathan rich says that over a decade the rspca have been hounding him in its attempt to ruin his reputation and life. .' Barrister is jailed over fraud ' lawyer nadine wilson-ellis a recently qualified Barrister was jailed for seven months at Bristol Crown Court. .' Conspiracy to defraud Solicitor is struck off ' lawyer peter obidi of Dunamis Solicitors in London, appeared before Southwark Crown Court charged with Conspiracy to defraud. .' Experienced Lawyers fail to safeguard clients interests ' solicitors andrew dudley pinnell and stephen andrew hyett of London N12, were each fined 2,500 by the tribunal for account failures and failing clients by having no insurance in place, which was a breach of the.' Crooked 'unqualified' Lawyer guilty of 104 breaches of Solicitors Rules!' It is said that the high-flying conman lawyer is now struck off? .' Corruption and Bribery of Lawyers is a worldwide problem ' A major study carried OUT BY THE LAW gazette UK AND international BAR association said that a third of lawyers in the world lose business to law firms or individual solicitors and barristers engaged.' Council Solicitor can be culpable in Data Misuse ' lawyer nicholas bennett of the Havant Council can be held in 'vicarious liability' when staff misuse data supplied in a claim. .' Client Account misuse Lawyer struck off ' solicitor davienderson of Seaton, Gray Bell and Bagshawe Solicitors, Whitby, North Yorkshire, korting thermen holiday schiedam was struck off by the Tribunal.

' Bolitho Way enter the arena and throw suspicion on themselves ' bolitho WAY in Portsmouth are no strangers to this site, as we have had articles concerning them over conveyance irregularities and complaints about their misconduct. .
' CPS and Police blame each other in fiasco trial ' avon AND somerset police blamed the Crown Prosecution Service over case of villager who was put in a cell, DNA - tested and finger-printed and taken to court over trimming a hedge? .