35 korting stickers

35 korting stickers

These people like to present themselves as a moral and intellectual elite holding back the seething mass of dumb, uninformed plebs.
Those earning 10K per year are accessing a range of government services and benefits their tax contributions don't pay for.
Immigrants contribute 6bn to the UK economy, according to Treasury figures.
The idea that immigration has contributed only 6 billion to the British economy is almost mind-boggling in its sheer foolishness.The Independent journalist has failed to grasp the simple fact that the figure Hasan"d refers to one year only and has instead interpreted it as the total contribution migrants have made to the British economy.The "white flight" seen in places such as Bradford and East London has been well documented.But let's consider Hasan's claim, now.He described how women were regularly insulted as "whores" and "sluts how Europeans would hurry to do their shopping in the mornings because no one would dare go out after 2pm; how little children would spit at him on the street and tell him.Their arguments evaporate upon the slightest scrutiny.

Of course, the journalist is simply clueless.
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Can we talk about this?
A government study in 2007 estimated that migrants contributed about 6bn to output growth the previous year.
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In an editorial, the Independent even contrived to blame the British victims of Muslim ethnic cleansing: Mr Cameron failed to mention that, just as some migrant communities have failed to integrate, so have some host communities.
If all those people did was raise GDP by 6 billion, it would mean they were earning on average 10,000 each year.
The Guardian offered another mind-bogglingly clueless response to Cameron's speech from the immigrant Zrinka Bralo.